Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fashion Art Diary: Five Years of Fashion Media

Photos by Emma Summerton for W

This blog began in Spring 2009 as an investigation into the dialogue between fashion and art. I was interested in the way both mediums share a negotiation of form and color, presentation, interpretations and how they inform one another. In time, the emphasis shifted to fashion media, specifically editorials as a contemporary form of art work, a social storytelling in which cultural values are displayed and negotiated. In the past five years of this blog, social media has transformed how we receive visual information. This editorial above and below by Emma Summerton for W, March 2014, captures the selfie-involved cultural moment. This blog still provides a great resource of fashion photography with The History of Fashion Photography getting more visits than any other page. I am archiving this blog for the time being, with a new focus to social media. Continue following my aesthetic explorations, visit my site and follow me at Instagram


  1. Dear Rachel, your blog is one of my favorite!

  2. One of my favorite blogs! love it ♥

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  5. This blog is just amazing ! x

  6. Am I to envy you, your fairy tale?
    When all I see, is cold, hard, truth.
    -Marc Breed

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  8. I love the intention of this blog - the relationship between art an fashion... it's a keen interest. Thanks.
    This interveiw with transformative artist Sally looks at art as a deeper process :)

  9. As a fashion blogger i love your sense of choosing outfits. Keep it up this for another five years. Love from Brown Girl Things.


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