Thursday, September 12, 2013

Decadence and a Stroke: Marc Jacobs SS 2014

Pop friendly creator Marc Jacobs always intrigues me, but not for stylish fashion. He began with the grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1993 and has not stopped presenting decadence. Decadence, in the sense of my book All for Nothing, is the cultural excess we are experiencing at its greatest height today. We have great density of over production of materials, styles and ideas, all accessible online. Jacobs often pulls from the excess, like a DJ, or mastermind. For spring, typically light and bright, he turns to macabre 19th century styles of bull fighting and the opera. The temptation is to ask, what is really going on here? Overly indulged showmanship a la Galliano? But why bash a party maker, an extravagant one at that. And then there is the one stroke of genius.

From Steve Oklyn, of NOT VOGUE: If you saw the MARC JACOBS s/s 2014 that just ended COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH. The inner 500 are defined-repetitive & aging [not in any relevant manner]. TIM BURTON MEETS Z-BOYS WITH A STOLEN AMEX BLACK CARD. 

In a book by Klaus Ottman, he suggested the idea of a "genius decision," in the sense that there are not geniuses as people, but every once and awhile there is a genius decision, as in this shirt above. It is always something so simple anyone could have thought of it, but this person actually decided to do it. The genius is in doing it. There are only a few ways to complete the icon on the shirt without the Coke, either "is it,"or "enjoy."

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