Friday, April 5, 2013

FAD Sighting: Refreshments

Arthur Elgort, model Patti Hansen, Vogue US, 1976 and Thomas Whiteside, model Hilary Rhoda, DuJour, Spring 2013

For several years, I have been pitting fashion versus art and other creative works side by side. Upon today's discovery, I have decided to move away from the term "versus" and toward the reappearances or "sightings" of beauty. After all, both photographers capture a real moment that taps into a reality of beauty and ease. For more on the idea of the reappearance of beauty, read my essay here, for which I wrote: "Beauty happens in an instant. But that happening is in endless production, forever re-appearing. This is a unique ability of beauty, to continually break through again and again and assert a timeless power." More beauty sightings to come.

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