Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Vs. Art: Doubles

When I first started looking at the intersection of fashion and art in photography, I discovered many doubles. There is a precedent of duality throughout art history. In fashion photography, the contemporary double suggests the practice of imitation, the exploration of the other self, sexuality and much more.

"We are at a point of excess with imitation. Everything can be duplicated and imitated. Whatever it is that we have culturally considered with virtual reality, the simulacra, the mirror image, the other, has been made even more apparent and mundane by something like reality tv where we watch reflections of 'ourselves.'" 

"But what we imitate is not so much one another, or even the culture industry. We are imitating indeterminate images, fantasies really, and those images are an imitation of real life itself - that is the rupture to imitation. Reality inspires the mirage and we imitate the mirage to bring it back to reality."

Text excerpts from RKW, here

Photos Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton for Numero 133

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  1. hi, nice post.

    i like these doubles too


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