Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion Sues Art, Art Attacks

In 2007, Nadia Plesner began making her work about Darfur, with proceeds benefitting the struggle. The depiction of a Louis Vuitton type bag in one shocking image resulted in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Plesner then created a foundation to increase awareness of issues but this year the hacker group Anonymous has decided to use this incident to leverage a full targeted attack on Louis Vuitton, both online and in society at large, see more here.

The oppression that inspired Plesner's work has resulted in an oppressive counter-attack. Unfortunately, guerilla methods do not normally accomplish complete revolution; at best there will be reform. This site focuses on how the intersection of fashion and art collapses the territorial boundaries between the two. Fashion and art are united by shared values of creative vision, expression, beauty, and much more. Corporations unite fashion and art by shared values of productivity, revenue and territorial dominance. Fashion and art can exist without corporations, and corporations can exist without fashion and art but mutual respect is the best for all involved. We cannot annihilate centuries of capitalism in one gesture, nor should we aim for destruction. What fashion and art can do for corporations is encourage understanding of the frailty of the human condition, which is not accomplished through aggression. Patrons have long supported creation and there is no reason that fashion, art and commerce cannot work together but all should answer to the same respect for dignity, and at its best fashion and art should lead the way with grace.

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