Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful People

The last day of Countess Fashion Week ends with Princess Luciana Pignatelli Avedon's book, The Beautiful People's Beauty Book from 1970.

Above the princess and below friends' beauty advice.

Ira Von Furstenberg: Her regime is austere: early to bed, early to rise, no smoking, no drinking and two hours at the gym when she is not making a movie.

Both Valentino & Verushka agree: a woman is most attractive when she acts her age.

Countess Crespi: working gives your life a sense of perspective

The Beautiful People Speak:
"Every year making up takes five minutes longer,"
"With a good man you don't need beauty first,"
Talitha Getty
"Don't change your nose - learn how to make up your eyes,"
Sophia Loren
"have a cold shower at 8am and breakfast with the children,"
Buxy Gancia

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