Saturday, March 13, 2010

Richard Phillips Vs. Josephine Meckseper

Lip Biter, 1999

Richard Phillips arrived in New York in the second half of the '80's. His work finds inspiration in 20th century media sources such as fashion, advertisements, celebrities and the work of other artists. He appropriates the glamour of images and translates them into hyperrealist paintings. Last fall, in a collaboration with MAC cosmetics, he remastered his own painting.

Phillips MAC collaboration, Fall 2009

Spectrum, 1998, featured on Gossip Girl and re-printed in limited edition, 2009

Phillips' partner Josephine Meckseper is interested in the commodification of feminist and protest culture. Both artists have chosen a high modern aesthetic to point to the naivety of capitalist desire. Rather than hold the art object as sacred and apart from commodification, both Phillips and Meckseper use art to study the consumption of images and the commodification of glamour, reflecting back our unconscious values.

Josephine Meckseper, Blow Up, 2006

Josephine Meckseper, Blow Up, 2006

Blow Up, 2006

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