Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moschino Vs. Magritte

Vintage Moschino 1993 Vs. Magritte Empire of Light 1953

I can remember when I first saw the above Moschino ad as a teen in 1993 (yes, that is a scan of the original tear sheet I took from Vogue). The ad made so much sense to me, transparency of intention and the simplicity of selling luxury as valuable in itself. Only later after studying art history did I understand the ad is contingent on Magritte. But what I love about the Moschino ad is rather than negate representation (this is not an ad!), it playfully exposes itself and our consciousness. It allows us to enjoy the ad without having to deconstruct it, and it commands that we accept the value of couture(!). Some could argue this is the very problematic tautology of advertising and capitalism, but that is only if you do not see advertisements as art. If we can see the Moschino ad as a work of art, then it is a window onto contemporary values - the luxury on demand and on display way of life. That window and its point view, offer aesthetic and historic value just like art always has.

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